Sugar-Free Chocolate that is the real deal!

Sugar-Free Chocolate that is the real deal!

Did you know we carry Sugar-Free Chocolate?

After some of you reached out to our shop asking for sugar-free chocolate we were able to get our hands on a dark and a milk chocolate piece. Because no one should be denied the pleasure of enjoying chocolate!


Made in Belgium by chocolate experts Leonidas, we are super happy to tell you that this is the real deal! Crafted with maltitol, a natural sweetener found in fruits and veggies, these pieces have no processed sugars, half the calories and a super creamy texture with no ugly aftertaste like you usually find in other sugar-free options.




To get the chocolate sweet without all the artificial stuff, Leonidas uses maltitol which is a natural reduced carbohydrate sweetener that has 90% the sweetness of sugar and in combination with their top quality cocoa butter results in a delicious, creamy and sugar-free treat.




The Dark Chocolate piece has cocoa nibs for some delicate crunch and the Milk Chocolate version comes with a delicious hazelnut flavor. Try one of these sugar-free chocolates and you may be hooked for life!


 If you have a specific diet or just want to enjoy the pleasures of life without the added sugars and would like to get a hold of these delicious pieces just get in touch with us here to place an order. We ship all across the US!

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