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Read more about this healthier option in our latest blog post.
Now Serving Scones!
We've teamed up with local baker Sweet Condesa Pastries to bring you these delicious scones featuring our Belgian Chocolate Chips.
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Same great chocolate and coffee, fresh new look!
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We serve locally roasted Weaver's Coffees & Teas. Join the cult following!
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Leonidas 1/4 lb box Assorted Chocolates - Love Chocolate
Leonidas 1/2 lb box Assorted Chocolates - Love Chocolate
Leonidas 1+ lb box Assorted Chocolates - Love Chocolate
Leonidas 1 1/2 lb box Assorted Chocolates - Love Chocolate
Leonidas 2 lb box Assorted Chocolates - Love Chocolate
Leonidas Dark Chocolate Assortment - Love Chocolate
Leonidas All White Chocolate Assortment - Love Chocolate
Leonidas Three G's Assortment (Gianduja, Giamanda, and Giantina) - Love Chocolate

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Sugar-Free Chocolate that is the real deal!

Sugar-Free Chocolate that is the real deal!

Made in Belgium by chocolate experts Leonidas, this is the real deal! Crafted with maltitol, a natural sweetener found in fruits and veggies, these pieces have no processed sugars, half the calories and a super creamy texture with no ugly aftertaste.
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Small Biz Spotlight: Up The Creek Records!

Small Biz Spotlight: Up The Creek Records!

Editor's Note:  Welcome to our first "#Walnut Creek Wednesday" profile! One of the best things about starting our own family-owned business is that we get to meet all kinds of other really cool small business people! We are blessed with so many awesome businesses in our little community and we've been getting to know a lot of them -- because if there is one thing we love as much as chocolate, it's community! So recently we started a new thing where we head out into town (toting a box of chocolates!), and sit down for a little chocolate and conversation with some of our fellow local business owners to learn just a little more about them. You can follow our Instagram feed -- look for us @loveandchocolateshop -- to see the posts and IG story every Wednesday, or just visit our blog to learn more about them!
Up The Creek Records
Today we are pleased to introduce you to Nic Taylor -- owner of one of the coolest shops in town and one of our favorite hangouts, Up The Creek Records! Nearly 2 years ago, Nic put his job as an English Middle School teacher on hold to fulfill dream -- to own the coolest record shop in town. And he ahas done just that! Nic has created a space where music meets design, art and craft. Of course they have an amazing selection of vinyl and music gear. Kent is a huge collector of vinyl and he can literally spend hours in there browsing through Nic's inventory. But in addition to that, they have all kinds of other fun and funky items. Great T-shirts, excellent writing pencils, jewelry from local crafts people and a great selection of books. It is my go-to-shop for gift giving for all the men in my family -- especially Kent!
- - -
Nic was inspired to open his shop because of his love for music. During our conversation over chocolate, he told us how growing up with CD's and his family's record collection made him fall in love with musing and what amazing company it is for him in his day-to-day live. So, a few years ago he realized how much he missed the ritual of looking through his collection and actually being able to hold a piece of music in his hands; and the rest is history.
- - -
If music is important to you or someone you love, then we highly suggest you head over to check out Nic's store. And if you are ever looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night, head on over to Up The Creek because they feature local bands and artists who play live in the shop. You can check their schedule here.  
- - -
Up The Creek Records is located at 1840 Tice Valley Boulevard in Walnut Creek. We highly recommend you sign up for his newsletter and follow him on Instagram @upthecreekrecords. Go check them out!!



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Affogatos are here to stay.

Affogatos are here to stay.

After a successful summer afternoon and some fellow customers campaigning for another pop-up affogato shop, we decided to make them officially a part of our daily menu. You can now find The Classic Affogato or really indulge with The Works! Read more...
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