Leonidas Classic Chocolate Box Assortments

Leonidas Classic Chocolate Box Assortments

For Leonidas fans, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing that classic gold box arrive in the mail or as a gift! You know that it is filled with the most wonderful chocolate in the world and you can't wait to share it with others (or keep it to yourself!) :)

We have more than 70 different pieces of Leonidas Chocolate and you can purchase our gold ballotin boxes in a wide variety of sizes -- 1/4 lb, 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 1.5 lb and 2 lb. You can pick what size box you would like, and decide if you want All Dark, All Milk or Assorted, (which is a mix of dark and milk, and one white piece). See "What's In My Box" to see the specific pieces that come in each box.

For White Chocolate lovers we also have boxes full of just white chocolate. And for those of you who love Leonidas' delicious chocolate hazelnut fudge (praline), we have boxes full of the Three G's: Gianduja, Giamanda and Giantina. So good!

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