Vendor Spotlight -- B.Toffee

Vendor Spotlight -- B.Toffee


Did you know that in addition to our beloved Leonidas Chocolates that we are known for we also carry a variety of other vendors including B. Toffee?

I am absolutely in LOVE with this toffee. It has the perfect texture -- and the flavor of the toffee is incredible. Of course it is topped with Belgian chocolate with either dark or milk chocolate and then with delicious pecans on top. So good!

B. Toffee at Love and Chocolate Shop

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We met Betsy Thagard, the owner of B. toffee out of Newport Beach, at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this year. After talking with her and tasting her toffee we knew our customers would love it.

Betsy knew she had created an extraordinary English toffee 15 years ago when she started making it for holiday gifts. When her family and friends who received the toffee showed up with empty containers and bowls at her doorstep demanding re-fills, she knew she had something special!

She credits much of the success to the treat’s texture, a bite that is crunchy but not too brittle or sticky. It’s a toffee that doesn’t battle with your molars.

B.Toffee uses only premium ingredients. All of the toffee is handmade & hand cut in small quantities. And we love the sleek, sophisticated clear packaging that lets the customer see exactly what they are buying.

We just know you will love it. Stop by the shop and pick some up today, or you can always buy on-line. Just use the links below under each photo to check out the complete offering!

And for more confections and all things chocolate, be sure to check out our Pinterest page at Love + Chocolate Shop!


B. Toffee 9 oz Canister 


B. Toffee Milk Chocolate Toffee $8

B. Toffee Dark Chocolate $8
We hope to see you in the store or online soon!
Thanks for your business,
- Kent, Kristy and the girls
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