Love + Chocolate Shop Dessert Bar Ideas

Love + Chocolate Shop Dessert Bar Ideas


Dessert bars are a great way to provide guests at your holiday parties, wedding, baby shower, birthday party or any special event a nice assortment of treats to choose from. Instead of just having one cake, guests can choose from a variety of bite-sized treats. At Love + Chocolate, we have a wide variety of tasty options including our Leonidas Belgian Chocolate, Fruit Jellies, Shortbreads, Toffee, Marzipan and our delicious Petit Fours.
Dessert Bar Leonidas Chocolates Love and Chocolate
Fall-Themed Dessert Bar
Wedding Dessert Bar

Here are a few top tips to make your DIY dessert bar a hit at your wedding or other event from event planning expert Amy Atlas:

  • Dessert bars are as much decorations as they are yummy favors, so you’ll want to have enough treats to create an abundant presentation.
  • A varying selection of large and small glass vases, bowls, and platters makes a charming dessert bar presentation.
  • Choose five to ten varieties of chocolate and other treats and purchase several pounds of each depending on the size of your wedding and the look you are going for.

Our 2-Piece Gift Boxes are a beautiful addition to any place setting

  • Small Chinese foodstyle take-out containers, vellum or clear plastic envelopes tied with ribbon, or pretty tins make excellent containers for your dessert bar.
  • Hard or wrapped candies work well in warmer climates, but the best choices are treats/chocolates that you personally love and think your guests will appreciate such as Leonida’s Belgian Chocolates.  
  • Possible treats for great dessert bars include petit fours, marizpan confections, shortbreads, toffee, chocolates,  saltwater taffy, jelly beans, hard candy sticks, rock candy, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate-covered cherries, almonds, pretzels, and espresso beans.
  • To make sure things stay clean and well stocked throughout the wedding reception, ask an attendant to check in on the dessert bar every 30 minutes or so to replenish confections as needed.

And for more inspiration on Dessert bar inspiration don't forget to check our Pinterest board

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates Dessert Table 
Leonidas Belgian Chocolate Wedding Dessert Bar Inspiration 
Assortment of Leonidas Belgian Chocolates and Marzipan Roses
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