Affogatos are here to stay.

Affogatos are here to stay.

So how did Affogatos become a part of Love & Chocolate one might wonder? A combination of two of our favorite things besides chocolate of course; coffee and our love for our local community.
On Saturday, July 21st we invited the awesome ladies who run Ginger's Gelato to join us for a pop-up shop in Walnut Creek to treat our community to refreshing affogatos on a hot afternoon! 

Making Affogatos for Walnut Creek!

An affogato is an Italian dessert made with a scoop of gelato (preferably vanilla -- also known as Fior di Latte) and a delicious shot of espresso. Sounds simple but it is oh so tasty, a perfect marriage between the creamy and sweet texture of gelato and the aromatic bitterness of the espresso. The word “affogato” literally translates to “drowned” in Italian, referring to the cold gelato that is drowned by the piping hot espresso.

Ginger's Gelato
is a local business run by Sabrina and Erin, two friends who after vacationing across Italy decided to learn how to make authentic hand-crafted Italian gelato and serve it to local Californians.

Kristy from Love&Chocolate with Sabrina and Erin from Ginger's Gelato

So after a successful summer afternoon and some fellow customers campaigning for another pop-up affogato shop, we decided to make the Affogato an official part of our daily menu.   

You can now find The Classic Affogato which is a scoop of either Fior di Latte or Chocolate Hazelnut gelato drowned with a shot of espresso -- or indulge in the The Works Affogato which also includes caramel, cinnamon, and Biscoff cookie crumbles. Yum!!! They are both SO delicious. We plan to have them on the menu through the end of September, so come on by and give them a try!

It's official!


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